Thursday, July 25, 2013

TRAVEL: BALI-taktakan! Fly directly from Manila to Bali!

Aaah... Bali... It's calling me! (Photo credit to
I remember my dad singing to me this old song from the broadway musical "South Pacific" entitled "Bali Ha'i" (If you're curious, click here). I remember I would always laugh my ass out because he exaggerates the way he sings. HAHAHA! Anyway. It says in the lines of the actress that Bali Ha'i means "I am your special island". 

Listening to the song -- with the smooth sound of the violins, the organic feel of the woman's voice and the gentle words singing "come to me, come to me" -- seems to always put me into a "summer trance". It makes me want to grab a tropical drink, jump into a hammock and be lazy all day! To me, it's just the perfect getaway! Ever since then, I've always perceived Bali (now the actual island) to be something similar to that -- another one of my dream paradise destinations!

Now, the dream seems to look a bit clearer because Cebu Pacific, the Philippines' largest national flag carrier, already made it possible to fly directly to Bali (Denpasar) from Manila just this year! Based from what I've read on their website, its the airline company's 20th international destination. It will serve two flights per week, Tuesdays and Saturdays, with an early MLA departure time at 4:00AM. Year-round rates for Bali is at P3,499, which is deemed to be a lot cheaper compared to other airlines. Going to paradise seems to be a whole lot easier for Filipinos now. It's literally a ticket going DIRECTLY to paradise! 

Who wouldn't go all Eat.Pray.Love in a destination like this? (Photo credit to
And now for some shameless plugging. HAHA! If you're up for it, please vote for my entry in Cebu Pacific's Crazy for Bali! 
We're CUREEYZEEEH for Bali!
From T-B
Philippe dela Cruz (riding the helicopter),
Katrina Barrera (rappelling)
Lloyd Florendo (surfing)
Jonel Factor (white water rafting)
Kimmi Recuenco (snorkeling)

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It's my first time ever to join a contest like this and if the energy of the universe will conspire to help us…  it would also be my first time to go to Bali. That's probably why I'm so excited about it! Lots of firsts! Hope this endeavor becomes a very memorable one! Woot! Woot!

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