Wednesday, June 5, 2013

FOOD: Lemon Baby

I knew there was something different with it. I blinked. And blinked again. And after a few seconds I realized, yes it's not Happy Lemon. It's Lemon Baby! 

Lemon Baby is a milk tea shop that I was able to chance upon after going to the Department of Foreign Affairs HQ. It's located right across the DFA where you will find other restaurants and coffee shops. 

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The venue was surprisingly big and spacious, with a two storey air-conditioned hub and also an outdoor area where you can chill and enjoy the sun. I must say its ambience is very conducive to writing and generating creative ideas with its cool pastel wallpapers and fixtures. 

Photo credit to @lemonbabyph and @neapla on Instagram

There's also an automated car wash service beside it which I think is kind of cool to watch. Some of its customers actually stay at Lemon Baby when waiting for their car to finish its bath. 

It's over all design and branding was fairly similar to the other milktea place that people usually go to, but then there are still a few twists and turns to it. 

Their menu has a great deal of choices, from the usual milktea and coffee concoctions to fresh fruit shakes and more. They also have a pastries and cakes that seems delish! 

 Photo Credit to @lemonbabyph on Instagram
Photo Credit to @lemonbabyph and @manilabeyl14 on Instagram

I personally ordered what I think is the "safest" to get when stepping into a milk tea place, which is a large cup of Pearl Milk Tea. What I didn't expect was the size of the cup… When Lemon Baby says large, they really mean LARGE! 

Here's my cup when I got it. 

The milk tea seemed to taste fairly similar to other great milk teas that I have tasted, but this time they used small pearls (instead of the usual big pearls) which is ok. But really, I must say, Lemon Baby's serving size was really worth every peso. The serving size is so big, I can't even finish it in an hour!

Here's my cup after 30 minutes. 

Here's my cup after 1 hour.

Overall, I think Lemon Baby is perfect for students or yuppies who would want to churn creative ideas because of its chill ambiance. It's also perfect for those who need to endure long hours of working, studying or just plain chilling because believe me, you won't be able to finish that large cup of milk tea in an instant!

To know more about Lemon Baby, you can follow them on their social networking sites:
Instagram: @lemonbabyph
Twitter: @lemonbabyph


  1. Great post !! I love Bubble Tea !!

    Joseph Harrison - D.S.A

  2. It's even better at Lemon Baby because their serving size is so much bigger!

    Thanks for your comment, Joseph! :)

  3. hi, do they have any email address? or website of their own?

  4. Hi Jackie! I'm sorry but I don't have their email address. I only have their twitter and instagram accounts :)

  5. ohhh i was looking for a review about lemon baby...and wow!!! thanks for the post..its really helpful :)