Wednesday, June 26, 2013

TRAVEL: So... You want to revisit Cebu! (Part 2)

Now, let's keep the ball rolling! Here are the next few tourist spots that we were able to explore during our stay in Cebu City! 

8. Fort San Pedro 
Entrance Fee: P30 per person 
This tourist spot is like a mini version of Metro Manila's Intramuros. Not being bias or anything, but I like Intramuros and Fort Santiago better probably because there's so much more to explore in these places compared to the one in Cebu. Though I was really able to appreciate the artworks inside the fortress and as well as the old photographs of Cebu City. I was also surprised to see a torn down Spanish flag which was said to have been taken from the Spaniards during the WW2. There was also a wishing well inside the place which was said to be miraculous. 

9. Cebu Provincial Capitol 
Even if we were only able to drive by this magnificent structure, I can say that this can top almost all the government buildings that I've seen here in Manila. Our driver said that there's not much going on here, just local judiciary trials and such. 

10. Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod 
This is a new tourist spot in Talisay that anyone who sets foot in Cebu should definitely visit. This modern and state of the art establishment was just recently built in the new reclaimed area just a few minutes from the heart of Cebu City. From afar, big slabs of cement and tall pillars are already visible. Anyone would actually mistake this for a museum or a modern art gallery instead of a chapel not until they've approached the facade where a big cross is seen. My friends and I are very fortunate to be friends with one of the engineers of that structure. He said that the chapel was designed to look very "closed" if you're facing the front but very open when seen on its sides. 

11. Mactan Shrine 
I was all giddy and geeky inside when we arrived at Mactan Shrine -- the spot believed to be the location where Lapu-Lapu's tribe fought and defeated the Spaniards. I was remembering all these old stories about Pigafetta's journal where he described the first Filipinos he saw -- small, plump, brown men who seemed to be dancing with sticks (which is now popularly known as the Art of Arnis). It was also taken to account that the ships of Magellan were trying to bombard Mactan Island with their "modern" armory, but then the trajectory of their canons run short mainly because of the low tide. I was actually imagining all these things happening when we were there (hence, the more I got giddy and geeky inside haha!) 

12. Tops City View 
Entrance Fee: P50.00 per person 
The last spot that we visited was Cebu Tops View. This spot is literally on top of the mountains and literally has the best view of Cebu City and its neighboring regions. The weather was rather cold when we got there hence the obligatory round of ice cold bottles of beer for everyone! 

So those were the tourists spots that I think are essential in anyone's vacation trip in Cebu City. To guide you more thoroughly, here's my two cents worth of traveling tips: 

1. Do your research. It's really better to travel prepared. Before getting to Cebu City, I actually searched all the landmarks that we visited and clustered them by area. In this part of your journey, Google Maps is your best friend!  

2. Rent a vehicle. I suggest that you rent a car or a van when traveling to these tourist spots (most especially if you're in a big group). It would cost less and would actually save up on time. 

3. Get a good driver. A really good one for that matter! Cebu City traffic is kind of similar to what we're experiencing here in Manila. So make sure that you get a good driver that could weave you through the side streets of Cebu to save up on time in traveling. 

As one of my good friends said "That's it, Danggit!". HAHAHA! If you're planning to go on a Cebu trip soon, I hope that you and your travel companions will be able to experience these amazing tourist spots and actually get a deeper appreciation of the city's rich history and culture.  

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