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FOOD: High on Wings! (My Wingman Grill Experience)

Photo grabbed from Wingman's Facebook Fanpage
Ever since I was able to set foot in this little red restaurant at The Collective, it already became one of my favorite after-work hangout places. The first time I was able to hear about Wingman was around 2 to 3 years ago, but it was just about late last year, when my best friend moved to Maluggay St. that I got hooked to this place and become a regular visitor. The convenience of its location wasn't entirely the reason why I keep coming back, but really because of so many awesome things about it. So let me walk you through my top 4 reasons why I love coming back to this place: 

1. It's all about the ambiance!
The first thing that I noticed and liked about Wingman is its very chill and relaxing ambiance. The lights are yellow and dim suggesting a wind-down feel which is perfect after a long hard day's work. The music is also just right to keep the good vibes flowing but still allowing friends to talk and laugh all night long. My guy friends also enjoy hanging out here because they get to watch games and sports projected on one of its white walls. 

2. Killer wings on the menu! 
I absolutely love lots of items on their menu! From killer chicken wings, to different cuts of fried potatoes to juicy delectable burgers -- its all good!  Whenever my best friend and I hangout here we usually order a basket of their Curly Twists (Wingman's version of the twister fries which I just can't get enough of!) and Chicken Tenders (the really hot ones). Once in a while I also order their Classic Cheeseburger or their Quesadillas with Grilled Chicken. 

We love Wingman's Chicken Tenders and Curly Twists! Gaaaah! (L-R) Andie Hechanova and Kimmi Recuenco (Photo credit to Rona Angeles)

When my Wazzup Pilipinas co-bloggers and I were invited over Wingman's Blogger's Trivia Night, all of us were stuffed with hefty servings of different flavors of chicken wings. Gastronomical!

3. Major booze stop! 
Can I just say… I can't leave Wingman without ordering and finishing a jug of their draft beer. For some reason, its just in this restaurant that I enjoy this kind of brew. "Enjoy" in a sense that I really like its bitter taste or "enjoy" in a sense that I already drank a lot and everything around me just seems very funny! HAHAHAHA! 

Surprisingly, I have tons of photos holding a pitcher of Wingman's Draft Beer! These are just the "decent" ones. HAHAHA! (Photo credit to Rona Angeles)

I actually spent the eve of my birthday this year at Wingman! So much joy! 
(Photo credit to Rona Angeles)

4. It's all about the good company!  
I've already hung out here at Wingman with almost all of the peer groups that I have -- from my college friends, to ex-workmates, to current colleagues and to new found friends. 

Hanging out with my friends from CME Partner and Milk Communications! 
(Upper left Photo L-R) Hervi Polistico and Dexter Dagotdot
(Upper right Photo Top-Bottom) Lloyd Florendo, Rona Angeles and Kimmi Recuenco 
(Lower left L - R) Kimmi Recuenco and Jonel Factor 
(Lower right L - R) Rona Angeles, Kimmi Recuenco and Chiara Bautista 

Real (wing)men wear plastic gloves! (L-R) Migs Llera, Kidd Pardilla and RC Davis.
Wingman Night Out with my friends from SM Prime!
(L-R) Jomel Rodriguez, Karen Rusiana, Kimmi Recuenco and Joyce Ramos
(Photo credit to Joyce Ramos)

Here are my new friends during the Blogger's Trivia Night hosted by Wingman!
(Upper left Photo L-R) Hana Abello and Kimmi Recuenco 
(Upper right Photo L-R) Aldous Calubad and Kimmi Recuenco
(Lower left L - R) Wazzup Pilipinas Bloggers!
(Lower right: Erik Waldie, our trivia night master for the night!)

And yes, my best friend and I met Anne Curtis at Wingman too! Woohoo! (Photo credit to Rona Angeles)  

Wingman is definitely not just about the great food and booze, its the overall vibe and experience that you get when you dine with friends! Without question, I will definitely come back and make good memories in that little red restaurant that I totally love!

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