Saturday, June 29, 2013

FOOD: High on Wings! (My Wingman Grill Experience)

Photo grabbed from Wingman's Facebook Fanpage
Ever since I was able to set foot in this little red restaurant at The Collective, it already became one of my favorite after-work hangout places. The first time I was able to hear about Wingman was around 2 to 3 years ago, but it was just about late last year, when my best friend moved to Maluggay St. that I got hooked to this place and become a regular visitor. The convenience of its location wasn't entirely the reason why I keep coming back, but really because of so many awesome things about it. So let me walk you through my top 4 reasons why I love coming back to this place: 

1. It's all about the ambiance!
The first thing that I noticed and liked about Wingman is its very chill and relaxing ambiance. The lights are yellow and dim suggesting a wind-down feel which is perfect after a long hard day's work. The music is also just right to keep the good vibes flowing but still allowing friends to talk and laugh all night long. My guy friends also enjoy hanging out here because they get to watch games and sports projected on one of its white walls. 

2. Killer wings on the menu! 
I absolutely love lots of items on their menu! From killer chicken wings, to different cuts of fried potatoes to juicy delectable burgers -- its all good!  Whenever my best friend and I hangout here we usually order a basket of their Curly Twists (Wingman's version of the twister fries which I just can't get enough of!) and Chicken Tenders (the really hot ones). Once in a while I also order their Classic Cheeseburger or their Quesadillas with Grilled Chicken. 

We love Wingman's Chicken Tenders and Curly Twists! Gaaaah! (L-R) Andie Hechanova and Kimmi Recuenco (Photo credit to Rona Angeles)

When my Wazzup Pilipinas co-bloggers and I were invited over Wingman's Blogger's Trivia Night, all of us were stuffed with hefty servings of different flavors of chicken wings. Gastronomical!

3. Major booze stop! 
Can I just say… I can't leave Wingman without ordering and finishing a jug of their draft beer. For some reason, its just in this restaurant that I enjoy this kind of brew. "Enjoy" in a sense that I really like its bitter taste or "enjoy" in a sense that I already drank a lot and everything around me just seems very funny! HAHAHAHA! 

Surprisingly, I have tons of photos holding a pitcher of Wingman's Draft Beer! These are just the "decent" ones. HAHAHA! (Photo credit to Rona Angeles)

I actually spent the eve of my birthday this year at Wingman! So much joy! 
(Photo credit to Rona Angeles)

4. It's all about the good company!  
I've already hung out here at Wingman with almost all of the peer groups that I have -- from my college friends, to ex-workmates, to current colleagues and to new found friends. 

Hanging out with my friends from CME Partner and Milk Communications! 
(Upper left Photo L-R) Hervi Polistico and Dexter Dagotdot
(Upper right Photo Top-Bottom) Lloyd Florendo, Rona Angeles and Kimmi Recuenco 
(Lower left L - R) Kimmi Recuenco and Jonel Factor 
(Lower right L - R) Rona Angeles, Kimmi Recuenco and Chiara Bautista 

Real (wing)men wear plastic gloves! (L-R) Migs Llera, Kidd Pardilla and RC Davis.
Wingman Night Out with my friends from SM Prime!
(L-R) Jomel Rodriguez, Karen Rusiana, Kimmi Recuenco and Joyce Ramos
(Photo credit to Joyce Ramos)

Here are my new friends during the Blogger's Trivia Night hosted by Wingman!
(Upper left Photo L-R) Hana Abello and Kimmi Recuenco 
(Upper right Photo L-R) Aldous Calubad and Kimmi Recuenco
(Lower left L - R) Wazzup Pilipinas Bloggers!
(Lower right: Erik Waldie, our trivia night master for the night!)

And yes, my best friend and I met Anne Curtis at Wingman too! Woohoo! (Photo credit to Rona Angeles)  

Wingman is definitely not just about the great food and booze, its the overall vibe and experience that you get when you dine with friends! Without question, I will definitely come back and make good memories in that little red restaurant that I totally love!

For more information on Wingman, you can follow their facebook fan page at here. 

For awesome news and reviews, you can visit

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

TRAVEL: So... You want to revisit Cebu! (Part 2)

Now, let's keep the ball rolling! Here are the next few tourist spots that we were able to explore during our stay in Cebu City! 

8. Fort San Pedro 
Entrance Fee: P30 per person 
This tourist spot is like a mini version of Metro Manila's Intramuros. Not being bias or anything, but I like Intramuros and Fort Santiago better probably because there's so much more to explore in these places compared to the one in Cebu. Though I was really able to appreciate the artworks inside the fortress and as well as the old photographs of Cebu City. I was also surprised to see a torn down Spanish flag which was said to have been taken from the Spaniards during the WW2. There was also a wishing well inside the place which was said to be miraculous. 

9. Cebu Provincial Capitol 
Even if we were only able to drive by this magnificent structure, I can say that this can top almost all the government buildings that I've seen here in Manila. Our driver said that there's not much going on here, just local judiciary trials and such. 

10. Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod 
This is a new tourist spot in Talisay that anyone who sets foot in Cebu should definitely visit. This modern and state of the art establishment was just recently built in the new reclaimed area just a few minutes from the heart of Cebu City. From afar, big slabs of cement and tall pillars are already visible. Anyone would actually mistake this for a museum or a modern art gallery instead of a chapel not until they've approached the facade where a big cross is seen. My friends and I are very fortunate to be friends with one of the engineers of that structure. He said that the chapel was designed to look very "closed" if you're facing the front but very open when seen on its sides. 

11. Mactan Shrine 
I was all giddy and geeky inside when we arrived at Mactan Shrine -- the spot believed to be the location where Lapu-Lapu's tribe fought and defeated the Spaniards. I was remembering all these old stories about Pigafetta's journal where he described the first Filipinos he saw -- small, plump, brown men who seemed to be dancing with sticks (which is now popularly known as the Art of Arnis). It was also taken to account that the ships of Magellan were trying to bombard Mactan Island with their "modern" armory, but then the trajectory of their canons run short mainly because of the low tide. I was actually imagining all these things happening when we were there (hence, the more I got giddy and geeky inside haha!) 

12. Tops City View 
Entrance Fee: P50.00 per person 
The last spot that we visited was Cebu Tops View. This spot is literally on top of the mountains and literally has the best view of Cebu City and its neighboring regions. The weather was rather cold when we got there hence the obligatory round of ice cold bottles of beer for everyone! 

So those were the tourists spots that I think are essential in anyone's vacation trip in Cebu City. To guide you more thoroughly, here's my two cents worth of traveling tips: 

1. Do your research. It's really better to travel prepared. Before getting to Cebu City, I actually searched all the landmarks that we visited and clustered them by area. In this part of your journey, Google Maps is your best friend!  

2. Rent a vehicle. I suggest that you rent a car or a van when traveling to these tourist spots (most especially if you're in a big group). It would cost less and would actually save up on time. 

3. Get a good driver. A really good one for that matter! Cebu City traffic is kind of similar to what we're experiencing here in Manila. So make sure that you get a good driver that could weave you through the side streets of Cebu to save up on time in traveling. 

As one of my good friends said "That's it, Danggit!". HAHAHA! If you're planning to go on a Cebu trip soon, I hope that you and your travel companions will be able to experience these amazing tourist spots and actually get a deeper appreciation of the city's rich history and culture.  

Sunday, June 23, 2013

TRAVEL: So... You want to revisit Cebu! (Part 1)

The last time I actually went to Cebu for a vacation was when I was 5 years old. Back then, I only had vague mental pictures of what I saw and what I experienced in that big city in Visayas! 

So allow to me give you a rundown of the the landmarks and historical places that I was able to revisit in Cebu now that I could actually "remember" things (and actually write and document all about my experiences). I recommend these spots to those who are planning to visit Cebu and have a better and deeper appreciation of the city. After visiting these spots, you can actually say to yourself "Yes, I definitely deserve a customized I Heart Cebu shirt!"

1. Fuente Osmena Circle 
One of our friends in Cebu actually said that this area of Cebu City is jam packed with people during the Sinulog Festival. But during our visit, the area was very serene and has a nice view of the Crown Regency Twin Towers. This area is ideal to visit if you want to try out the night life in Cebu because its surrounding establishments is a mixture of gimmick places, local food destinations and hotels! 

2. Taoist Temple 
Entrance Fee: P10.00 per car 
A small yet grand palace with a magnificent view of Cebu City! Over the years, the Taoist Temple at Beverly Hills Subdivision in Lahug, Cebu City has been an attraction for many tourists. It really says a lot about the chinese settlers in Cebu and how they were able to influence the community. It's relatively small compared to the temples I've seen in other countries but it also possess intricate details which I totally love and adore. 

3. Cebu Heritage Monument 
This heritage monument was such a surprise for me because it was located amidst a residence area. Personally, I would expect big structures like this positioned in a national park or a really high-traffic tourist spot. This monument tells so much about the rich history and culture of the Cebuanos which I truly like and appreciate! 

4. Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House 
Entrance Fee: P50.00 per person 
At first, I was actually creeped out by the looks of it (because yes, I'm afraid of mumus/ghosts haha) but then, when we entered the place, the very remarkable antique furniture and household items distracted from all the eeriness . Some items were from the early 1900s but are still surprisingly very functional. It's still very functional that the present generation home owners still sleep in this house every weekend. I was also impressed by how much the care takers / tour guides know about the ancestral house and how they multi-task both entertaining their guests and taking photos all at the same time. 

5. Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral 
The Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral is one of the most serene and grand cathedrals I've seen in Cebu. When you get inside, you can still feel the "antiquity" of the interiors which is mostly made up of wood and big rocks. If you want to meditate and pray, I suggest you do it here instead of Basilica del Sto. Nino. 

6. Magellan's Cross 
No one can say someone visited Cebu if he or she hasn't visited Magellan's Cross! As far as I know, the big cross was planted by the people of Magellan on the day they arrived on the island. What I love about the shrine were the paintings on the ceiling showing the story of how the spaniards landed in the Philippines. You can also soak up so much culture in this small place because of the women around who are selling candles and literally dance their prayers to the cross. 

7.  Basilica del Sto. Nino 
Just a few meters away from Magellan's Cross is the Basilica del Sto. Nino. This basilica houses the "Santo Nino de Cebu" which most Catholic Cebuanos deemed miraculous. I wasn't able to go and see the actual statue since there was a very long queue to it. The main chapel was very grand, though its a bit noisy since the basilica is located amidst the busy streets of Cebu City. Nevertheless, I literally got goosebumps when I approached some of its interiors, most especially the big picture frame with relics of saints located at the side of the church. 

I still have six more amazing places in Cebu to tell about, but this will be good for now! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

RANDOM: Hair Experiments!

Woot! Woot! Re-colored my hair this week! 
It's red-er than the usual! Yahooo! 
Thanks to Lyn of Azta Urban Salon, Eastwood City Walk branch for doing a super job! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

JUST IN: WU! Fest 2013

Awesomeness packed into one exciting event! 

WU! Fest of WU! Manila, the ultimate festival of the year, is happening on July 6, 2013 at the A.Venue Makati, Open Parking Space. There are tons of activities waiting all attendees -- from live bands, live art and basically anything that screams "MANILA!" will be here! 

As far as what I've heard, there will be 50 booths showcasing exciting activities which involves the following:

Beer Garden
Live Music
Live Art
Photo Opportunities with the Hooters Girls 
Fire Jugglers
Prop Filled Photo Booth
Flair Bar-tending
Bamboo Bikes
Henna Tattoos and Nail Art

And to add more excitement to the event, WU! Manila is also giving away FREE SHIRTS for the event's first 500 attendees! 

So, if you want to soak up music, art, pop culture, lifestyle and anything "Manila"…. This is the event that you wouldn't want to miss out! 

For more information, visit WU! Fest 2013's Facebook Event Page or like WU! Manila Magazine's Facebook Fanpage! 

For more news on what's happening in the metro, you can check out the Wazzup Pilipinas Facebook Fanpage or you can join the group at this link

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

TRAVEL: Whale Shark Encounter at Tan-awan, Oslob

This experience is AMAZING! Whenever my friends and family ask about it, I just. can't. even. Gaaaah! All I do is jump and squeal until I run out of energy. 

Anyway, I'm just so happy that I was able to swim with these gentle aquatic giants. This activity wasn't part of our 6-day Cebu-Bacolod itinerary (more of that in my future posts), but I must say it was all worth it. 

Around 3:30AM, we took a cab from our budget hotel in Mabolo to the Cebu South Bus Terminal where buses to Tan-awan are available. We arrived there a little before 4:00AM where we were able to catch a CERES air-con bus. The area was not packed with people, probably because we went there on a weekday. The bus left around 4:30AM. 

The trip to Tan-awan, Oslob was around 3-hours long. I was kind of entertained with the sights during the bus ride because I clearly saw the gradient from the city to province (even if I slept majority of the trip haha). The barker of the bus was kind enough to wake us up when we got to our bus stop. 

We chose the first whale shark resort that we saw which is BCD's Place. I didn't have any regrets with choosing this resort because they have good service, clean facilities and is near the orientation and pasalubong area. Tho their equipment was not the best, but I guess its ok to use for 30 minutes of snorkeling. 

You can choose from 3 different whale shark encounter. You can just stay on the boat (P500.00), go snorkeling (P550.00 - snorkel & lifevest included) or you can go scuba diving with them (P600.00 - without the gear). You can also rent a camera as well, P500.00 if you have your own SD card and P550.00 if you want your pictures to be burned in a CD. 

After paying our fees, our guide directed us to the orientation area where they discussed the do's and don'ts during our whale shark encounter. We were told here that we're not supposed to apply sunscreen or any chemicals in our body if we're swimming with the whale sharks and it's best to keep 4-meters away from them. It lasted less than 10 minutes. 

The orientation center with my adventure buddies Rona Angeles and Diana Cristino.
Can you see how excited/nervous we are?
After that we were introduced to our boatman and diving guide and was directed to our paddle boat. After around 30 to 40 meters of paddling (less than 5 minutes), we were able to see the whale sharks already. It was amazing! 

The Butandings are stationed around 30 to 40 meters away from the shore!

Fishermen feed the Butandings small shrimps and plankton.

I'm ready to dive! Woohoo!
They are everywhere! You can spot 3 butandings just in this photo!
Another swam right below us!

Our individual shots with the butandings!
(L-R) Diana Cristino, Kimmi Recuenco (B) Rona Angeles

Apart from enjoying our time with the whale sharks, we also enjoyed the clear blue waters of Tan-awan!
After swimming with the whale sharks, we also had a side trip to Tumalog Falls which is not far from BCD's Place. 
Tumalog Falls (Photo credit to Rona Angeles @carekoba)
The waterfalls is very, very, VERY picturesque and I'm sure anyone who would go there won't help but "work it" and do a private photo shoot!

Habal-Habal! (Photo credit to Rona Angeles @carekoba)
Our habal-habal ride was also very amazing since we got to see the other neighboring Islands (like Bohol and Siquijor) and also got to see the Oslob Heritage Houses from afar.

We headed back to our hotel around 11:00AM. Good thing we were able to chance upon a CERES air-con bus travelling back to Cebu City. (Both AC and non-AC CERES buses usually drive by this area in an interval of 30-minutes).

I am not fully aware of the environment and wildlife issues of the whale shark encounter in Tan-awan, Oslob but as far as what I experienced, I think both the butandings and the fishermen are benefiting from it for now. After some time, the people of Oslob should also have the heart to let these gentle giants go and live their normal lives in their natural habitat. 

But nevertheless, this encounter is still one of the best experiences I have ever had while at the sea! 

If you're planning to go through your own Tan-awan, Oslob adventure, here's a summary of our expenses for your reference: 

Cab from Mabolo: P60.00
AC Bus to Tan-awan: P155.00
30-Minute Snorkeling with the Whale Sharks (for Filipinos): P550.00 
Underwater Camera Rental: P550.00
Habal-Habal Ride to Tumalog Falls and back: P100.00
Entrance to Tumalog Falls: P20.00
AC Bus to Cebu South Bus Terminal: P155.00 

You can also check out BCD's Place at the details below: 

Mobile Number: 09228736128
Address: Brgy. Tan-awan, Oslob, Cebu, 6025, Cebu, Philippines

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

JUST IN: Moevenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu awarded TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

This great discovery just came on time! I'm flying to Cebu tomorrow for a vacation! With the looks of it, I won't miss visiting Moevenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu during my stay. Read on to know all about their TripAdvisor Certification of Excellence! 

Cebu, Philippines - The Moevenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence last May 22, 2013., presently considered one of the most popular travel websites among online netizens around the world, is renowned for providing its readers with key travel information. It features reviews and opinions of individuals who aim to share their unique travel experiences with the rest of the world. TripAdvisor showcases wide-scale reviews about hotels, restaurants, and much more.

The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence is awarded annually to the top performing 10% of all hotels worldwide, and is given to establishments that consistently earn high ratings from TripAdvisor travellers.
Recently re-launched on December 15 2012, after having undergone a PHP 500,000,000  total transformation, the Moevenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu is proud of the fact that it has been publically recognised with such a prestigious award after having only been in operation for less than six months – a feat that is truly difficult for any hotel to rival.

Knuth Kiefer the hotel’s General Manager when asked about the award said “ it’s pleasing to see that our guests have chosen to recognise us in this manner” he went on to say that “the hotel has continued to develop its services over the past 6 months and will continue to strive to refine its services further over the coming 6 months”.

Moevenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu is the flagship property for Moevenpick Hotels & Resorts in the Philippines, and will soon be joined by the Moevenpick Huma Island in Palawan.

For hotel inquiries and reservations, guests may call (+63) 32 4927777 or email Visit the Moevenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu Facebook page at: 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

TECH: 5 Reasons Why I Got Hooked with Ingress

Artwork credit to

I am by no means the geekiest person in my side of the world. I get amused by reading and experiencing science and other discoveries (sorry for the generalizations guys, please don't bite :P) but I'm not one who gets all "nerdy" on it.

That's why I'm so surprised when I got hooked to this GPS-based game called Ingress. By definition (Since I can't explain it in my own words. Really.)

"Ingress is a near-realtime augmented reality, massively multiplayer online video game created by Niantic Labs for Android devices. The game has a complex backstory that Google is revealing piece by piece." (source:

I am no expert on it, but yes I enjoy how it creates a culture that invites not only those who really sees the technicality behind the game, but also those who would just want to experience it per se.  

So, without further stalling (because, really, I can't tell you more about the "concept" of the game haha!) let me tell you my top reasons why I like being an Ingress Agent (Enlightened PH agent to be exact). 

1. I get to notice quirky stuff when I travel. All ingress agents are encouraged to submit what they call "portals". In my simple-and-not-so-geeky point of view, a portal is where the action begins. You get to visit these portals, hack them and own them. Usually, portals are historical or important fixtures in an area that are somehow vital to the city's history but are not given that much attention. It really entertains me whenever I get to see and visit a portal and actually get a deeper appreciation of the city I'm in. 

2. The COMPETITION gets to you! When I pop my phone out and see that I'm swimming in a big blue field, every inch of my body… just… can't… take… it. Gaaaaah! For some weird reason, you just want to smash the other faction's portals and gain lots of AP to level up. 

3. Make a big impact that's recognized across the world (or the universe!) ENL PH, the group that I belong to, is recognized worldwide for creating unbelievable operations such as "Operation Boomerang" and "Operation Encapsulation". These team effort operations are bell ringers for most agents across the world given that it has drastically changed the factions overall rates. In fact, other countries can't help but create their own game changing operations after what my group did! :) 

4. I get to meet great people with whom I learn so much. From new sightings of portals to new strategies to what's happening in the news today to what's good to eat for lunch, our team can be a source of all there is to know and actually survive the world! HAHAHA! 

5. Belongingness. Your faction is YOUR family. When you're still in a lower level, you have big brothers and sisters who can help you out with your items when you're just too stubborn to "farm". (GUILTY!). Then when you get to reach a higher level, you return the favor and help those newbie agents who needs guidance in leveling up. And all these are done out of initiative. This fun loving cycle never gets old in our group, if not for all groups. 

As of now, I'm already an L7 agent turning L8 hopefully soon! For someone like me whose not a gamer to the core, I'm pretty surprised that I've sustained my interest in this game and actually made a few baby accomplishments along the way. I just can't wait for what's in store for me and my co-agents! 

To know more about the game you can visit or add the it's community on google plus. 

Here's a video of one of the major operations that my group did:
Video credit to agent shadowolf7

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

FOOD: Lemon Baby

I knew there was something different with it. I blinked. And blinked again. And after a few seconds I realized, yes it's not Happy Lemon. It's Lemon Baby! 

Lemon Baby is a milk tea shop that I was able to chance upon after going to the Department of Foreign Affairs HQ. It's located right across the DFA where you will find other restaurants and coffee shops. 

Photo credit to

The venue was surprisingly big and spacious, with a two storey air-conditioned hub and also an outdoor area where you can chill and enjoy the sun. I must say its ambience is very conducive to writing and generating creative ideas with its cool pastel wallpapers and fixtures. 

Photo credit to @lemonbabyph and @neapla on Instagram

There's also an automated car wash service beside it which I think is kind of cool to watch. Some of its customers actually stay at Lemon Baby when waiting for their car to finish its bath. 

It's over all design and branding was fairly similar to the other milktea place that people usually go to, but then there are still a few twists and turns to it. 

Their menu has a great deal of choices, from the usual milktea and coffee concoctions to fresh fruit shakes and more. They also have a pastries and cakes that seems delish! 

 Photo Credit to @lemonbabyph on Instagram
Photo Credit to @lemonbabyph and @manilabeyl14 on Instagram

I personally ordered what I think is the "safest" to get when stepping into a milk tea place, which is a large cup of Pearl Milk Tea. What I didn't expect was the size of the cup… When Lemon Baby says large, they really mean LARGE! 

Here's my cup when I got it. 

The milk tea seemed to taste fairly similar to other great milk teas that I have tasted, but this time they used small pearls (instead of the usual big pearls) which is ok. But really, I must say, Lemon Baby's serving size was really worth every peso. The serving size is so big, I can't even finish it in an hour!

Here's my cup after 30 minutes. 

Here's my cup after 1 hour.

Overall, I think Lemon Baby is perfect for students or yuppies who would want to churn creative ideas because of its chill ambiance. It's also perfect for those who need to endure long hours of working, studying or just plain chilling because believe me, you won't be able to finish that large cup of milk tea in an instant!

To know more about Lemon Baby, you can follow them on their social networking sites:
Instagram: @lemonbabyph
Twitter: @lemonbabyph