Friday, September 27, 2013

FASHION: Dress-to-Impress during the Rainy Season!

Since I just got back to the work-force just a few days ago, a question that's been very close to my heart has been haunting me again... And that is...

What the hell am I going to wear today?!

As a girl with a very bipolar closet and has been known for dressing all "manang", its really hard for me to piece together a whole impressive outfit ensemble. The heavy rain, the flood and all those that come with it are making it all together complicated. I love the rain, but come on, it gets crazier and crazier every week!

Just a little disclaimer.. I am no fashion blogger, apparel brand geek or anyway expert on power dressing (since the industries I've been to, namely media, events and digital marketing, doesn't really require full on corporate dressing). But I still do believe in making an excellent impression with the people you meet at the workplace. It seems like its just a minor thing, but in reality it says so much about you and your personality.

So let this be a simple guide for those girls (and even boys) who have the same fashion profile as I do or simply share the same sentiments.

1. Wear a smart looking jacket (something with a collar)
Wearing something with a collar is a classic advice since man discovered office fashion. It gives a whiff of looking professional at the same time protecting you from the heavy rains.You could probably search for Hong Kong inspired outfits for more creative ways to wear jackets and trench coats.

Me on a drizzly dress down Friday!
(Raincoat not included :P)

2. Scarf up! 
I. AM. A. FAN. OF. SCARVES. I just love them! It's my favorite accessory amongst all accesories (well, except for my "hipster" bracelets haha!). I love how simple it is to wear one, yet it gives an extra spice and personality in your entire outfit. I also think that scarves are very practical most especially in this weather because it helps you keep cozy in the freakishly cold and mala-Antartica airconditioning systems in offices here in Manila.

3. Go ahead, wear your rain boots!
I've been seeing a lot of stylish wellies or rain boots nowadays and I think some could pass for decent office footwear already. You could probably pair it with a nice trench coat, a collared jacket or a nice corporate-looking top to still exude that office girl aura. This is not really ideal to do but if you have space and proper storage area in your work area, you could probably keep an extra pair of heels just in case you have that big meeting to go to.

4. Your umbrella is your friend... Your best friend, actually!
Getting your umbrella wrecked by the strong winds amidst the heavy rains is not just a big hassle when going to work but also a possible moment where someone could video you and actually turn you into the next embarrassing icon in a viral video. Please make sure that you get the sturdiest umbrella there is in the world if you're planning (or forced? :P) to go to work during a typhoon. Going to the office all drenched, with crazy blown away hair, and rainwater-smudged eyeliner wouldn't really help you in giving an impressing image in the work place.

5. Waterproof... ney! Flood proof your stuff!
Impressing people isn't just about your outfit, but it's also how you keep and show the stuff that you use. Imagine yourself, going to a big meeting all dressed up but with items dripping in rain water. All those efforts in dressing up will just go to waste. So make sure that you use at least a waterproof bag or those bags that have thick linings inside. If you're a gadget freak, there are a lot of gadget protectors available already in the market. But if you don't have the budget, you can still opt for the classic ziplock technique. You could also opt for cling plastic wraps if you're using a smart phone or tablet. This way you could still use the almost the full functionality of your phone's touch screen.

And last but not the least, wear something fun and colorful that you think is bright enough to bring a little sunshine in the work place!

So that's it! My two cents worth of non-fashion-addict "tips" in dressing to impress. Hope these simple suggestions would help you not to spaz every morning about your #OOTD.

Just remember what they always say -- when you look good, you feel good! And it would be extra helpful if you're also comfortable no matter what the weather is.

Do you have other more helpful tips? Leave them on the comments section below. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

EVENTS: MPROVE'13: Learning Series for Professional Development

This coming October and November, BBCOMM in partnership with Business World and jobsDB Philippines will be mounting an event entitled MPROVE’13: Learning series for professional development.  The event will feature topics under marketing, work ethics and power dressing to be discussed by certified experts in the mentioned fields.

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Initial mechanics are as follows:
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3.  Names of the winners will be drawn randomly (via Rafflecopter) and will be announced on October 10, 2013 via the jobsDB Philippines facebook fanpage and website.
4.  Stay tuned on announcements on the jobsDB Philippines fanpage for updates on when the rafflecopter app will be mounted.

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