Monday, August 26, 2013

FOOD: Where to eat in Bacolod City!

This topic is actually a silly thing to write about because believe me, you can practically eat ANYWHERE in Bacolod and still have a satisfied belly on your way out. You can also splurge into ordering two to three meals off the menu because food in Bacolod is fairly cheaper compared to prices here in Manila.

So let me just put it this way. Since I was only able to spend a night at Bacolod, this blog post could be classified as a guide for a "food quickie" around the city. Based from my experience, these are probably the restaurants and meals that you shouldn't miss out if you're just planning to do a side trip to Bacolod. So without further stalling, here's my rundown:

(L) Chosilog (R) The very cozy interiors of Bascon Cafe

Bascon Cafe
This is the first restaurant that I went to in Bacolod City, and boy, was I NOT disappointed. The ambiance was pretty cozy which makes me remember dining in at any cafe in Baguio. Their meal choices was very simple, but then you're in for a shock once you actually get your food in front of you. For instance, I ordered a Chosilog, short for chorizo, sinangag and itlog. The meat has this sweet taste to it and is just perfect to match with the sinangag and itlog. This was my very first meal in Bacolod and the entire experience just made me more excited for other meals lined up for the day! 

They said that there are more choices of Chicken Bacolod Inasal in Manokan Country.
I'll probably go there on my next visit!
Nena's Rose
I can say that I would never percieve a Chicken Bacolod Inasal meal the same way again after dining here at Nena's Rose. Our host said that this brand of Bacolod Chicken Inasal is one of the pioneers within the city. I've also learned that the native chickens in Bacolod have smaller frame thus the meat seems to absorb the marinate more. Hence, the yummy flavors in every bite! 

(L) Special La Paz Batchoy (R) Molo Soup from Iloilo

21 Bar and Restaurant's Kare-Kare! It's my first time to see a Kare-Kare dish presented this way. Excellent!
21 Bar and Restaurant
This is said to be the home of the best Special Batchoy in Bacolod City. And yes, it is indeed. I was also surprised because the prices of the entrees are rather cheap considering that the place has a very "sosyal" ambiance. If you're planning to dine in here, I would also recommend their Molo Soup (originally from Iloilo) and their very avant garde Kare-Kare! 

(L) Love the rainbow colored stained glass of Cafe 1925, (R) Sirloin Sandwich 
Cafe 1925
For me, this restaurant seemed to be pulled out from Cubao Expo and shipped all the way to Silay City. I love how its interiors give a very organic and "real" vibe. We got here around merienda time so I ordered their Sirloin Sandwich, one of their best sellers and a Vanilla Milkshake. The Sirloin Sandwich was really something else! I loved every bite of it! 

(L) Lots of cake selections at Calea, (R) Tired with all the road trips but still excited to eat my Lemon Merengue!

Calea. Calea. Calea. I've never seen so much cake in one room in my entire life! Just by looking at the cafe interiors and big refrigerators with delectable cakes cures me of my monthly mood swings for a year! Its definitely a sugar merry wonderland! If you're the type who wants something that's not too sweet, try Calea's Lemon Merengue. It's still sweet but it has this tangy lemony after taste in every bite. It's also best to pair this with their brewed coffee with cream and mascuvado. (And on a side note... I was also very pleased to know that the owner of this place is a fellow Kulasa! Woot! Woot! Represent!) 

I know this is the worst food shot of a lamb burger (or any dish for that matter) but I was so excited to munch on it! 
Pepe's Restobar 
Pepe's Lamb Burger literally contains meat that melts in your mouth. Topped with melted cheese, cushioned with soft yet slightly toasted buns and served with a hefty amount of feta fries -- its one intense foodgasm in a silver platter if you ask me! This is also by far the cheapest lamb burger that I've purchased in the Philippines which is about P180.00 per order. Worth every penny!  

But of course, with all the great food that I got to eat during my stay in Negros, I would want to take home a few bites for my family. Here are the pasalubong centers that you shouldn't miss out:
Virgie's Homemade Products
Virgie's is known for its Tarts, Barquillos and Piayas. Or just get all sorts of sweets and worry about the excess baggage later on! HAHAHA!

This is the home of the very thin piaya! Very delicious! You should also try their other sweets! I love 'em as well!
Well, that's about it! These aren't even half of the good restaurants in Negros! But I hope this could help you find your quick fixes when you visit the region! 

Would you also like to visit The Ruins when you visit Bacolod or Negros? 

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