Tuesday, June 4, 2013

EVENTS: iBlog - The 9th Philippine Blogging Summit

At the #iBlog9 Summit! Woohoo! 
(L-R) Kimmi Recuenco, Justin Paolo Flores, Joma Giron, Paelo Pedrajas & Arvin Ello  
Photo Credit to Joma Giron 

Honestly, I'm totally clueless on how to start a blog. I've tried several times, and ended up not keeping up with it and eventually forgetting their passwords and EVEN URLs. Gaaah. 

Not until I got to attend iBlog: The 9th Philippine Blogging Summit. 

After resigning from my social media post at a big company (more of that in my future posts) my co-blogger and good friend Justin (@justinpaolo) gave me a heads up on this workshop. Since I mentioned to him that I was actually planning to blog after I leave the company to just take my time away from boredom and what not. 

So here are a few GREAT points that I got from the featured speakers of #iBlog9:  

1. Keep your posts concise and enjoyable, better yet, make a list. (Hence, the format of this blog post :) ) - Jason Cruz, jsncruz.com  

2. When interviewing, make sure that you process your words properly in such a way that it shouldn't be offensive to your interviewee. And also, make sure that you get the essentials when quoting. - Arvin Ello, vintersections.com 

3. Ang social media and blogging ay parang cycle ng love life. Therefore, kailangan  ko ng matutong lumandi. HAHAHAHA! - Carlo Gonzales, carloangelogonzales.com

4. Branding and image is essential in becoming memorable to your audience. - Randolph Novino, pinoyscreencast.net 

5. Be careful of the information that you post on your blog so that you won't get to violate any cyber rules and regulations. (and also not get reported by others :) ) - Atty. JJ Disini, disini.ph 

These are just some of the points that I was able to pick up, but I'm telling you, I've got a whole lot of notes on my smart phone that I'm so excited to use. I'm so happy that I got to attend this event. Can't wait for #iBlogX!

Kudos to Ms. Janette Toral and her team for putting up this great event! Will definitely go to more of your events soon! :) 

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