Sunday, June 2, 2013

RANDOM: Blogoblab!

Lagablab n. great blaze; burst of flame

I'm 24 years old. And yes, I'm scared of judgements. Judgements on the decisions that I make on almost anything - career, gimmicks, driving, fashion, food and even about love (my god!). All my life, I've been ruled out by the definitions of our society and culture that I always put a mask - probably a smirk or an awkward laugh - and never really express my real thoughts on the things I encounter.

I am not a writer and I usually can't construct my definitions so well. So expect photos, captions and other shiz that I can think of.

But rest assured, this blog is the home of all my honest opinions on how I see things and how I attach definitions to them. All thoughts and feelings on this blog are based on the feelings that I get on impulse. 

So to you dear reader, I hope you enjoy reading my brain farts!  

Every breath. Every pulse. Listen to the beat of my thoughts :) 

Kimmi Recuenco 
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