Wednesday, July 3, 2013

EVENTS: Wicked: The Untold Stories of the Witches of Oz is coming to Manila!

Where will she strike next? Here in Manila I tells yah! WOOHOO!

I've already seen the award winning musical "Wicked: The Untold Stories of the Witches of Oz", not once but twice already. Exaggerated as it may seem but I'm always at awe every time I watch it live, watch snippets over Youtube or just plainly listen to its soundtrack over my iPod. It just never gets old!

The first time that I was able to watch it was at the Apollo Victoria Theater at London's West End during my family euro trip back in 2009.

The second time that I got to watch it was just last year (2012) when the Australian cast performed at Singapore's Marina Bay Sands Theatre.

And lo and behold, the show is finally coming to the Philippines! Ticket selling will start in August 2013 and the actual show dates will be from January 2014 to March 2014 (the show will roughly run about 6 weeks). The award winning musical will be housed at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Main Theatre. There are no announcements yet on the cast, ticket prices and exact show dates. But will definitely keep an eye on Ticket World's website for further announcements.

I literally teared up during the scene of "Defying Gravity" in both shows that I've seen and I'm pretty sure I'll do so again when I watch its run here in Manila.

So... Are you guys watching?

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